559 AAAC – all aluminum alloy conductor
All aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC is a kind of cable, which is mainly used for power distribution services and overhead transmission, including primary and secondary. The cable can also be used for grounding in electrical structures. Due to the use of durable aluminum alloy, the conductor achieves high weight strength ratio and corrosion resistance. Used for primary and secondary overhead distribution when available space is limited or right of way is required. Installed as an uninsulated conductor; However, if branches or other objects contact the conductor so closely, the covering can effectively prevent direct short circuit and instantaneous flashover. The resulting short-range configuration minimizes the space and number of hardware required for line installation; It is especially suitable for crowded areas, such as alleys or narrow corridors.

Bare Conductor AAAC cables
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ASTM B-398 & B-399
Requirements of national electrical code
Conductor type: be stranded
Application: elevated
Conductor material: aluminium alloy
Sheath material: Not applicable
Insulation material: Not applicable
Dimensional characteristics:
Size KCM: 559
Grounding: 19
Approximate EC equivalent resistance: 477.0
Diameter inch: indiv. Outer diameter of wire: 0.1716
Diameter inch: comp. Cable: 0.8580
Cross sectional area (square inches): 0.4394
New weight lb / 1000 ft: 521.2
Rated strength (LB): 18800
Current carrying capacity: 663 Amps

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