AAC (all aluminum conductor) is also called aluminum strand
ACSR: aluminum conductor steel reinforced
ABC: overhead bundle cable (with insulation, bundle several together)
AAAC: all aluminum alloy conductor

AAC / all aluminum conductor

These conductors are suitable for spans of wooden poles, transmission towers and other structures that do not require tensile strength and rated temperature.
Applications range from ultra-high voltage (EHV) transmission lines to sub service spans of distribution or use voltage in private places. AAC (all aluminum conductor) is the most economical overhead bare conductor due to its light weight. It provides easier handling in the process of installing and using simpler accessories. Due to its homogeneous structure, the conductor has corrosion resistance.
AAC has been widely used in urban areas. These areas usually have a short span, but have high requirements for conductivity. The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum makes AAC the preferred conductor in coastal areas.
Product features:
1. Good speed and most affordable bare overhead conductor.
2. High current carrying capacity (current carrying capacity), minimum 61.2% ICAS.
3. The excellent disintegration resistance to harsh environment is confirmed.
4. Light weight, long-term or crossing.

Bare Conductor AAAC cables

ACSR / aluminum conductor steel reinforcement

The steel cored aluminum stranded wire cable is an aluminum cored steel reinforced cable, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity, convenient laying across rivers and valleys and good conductivity. The mechanical strength is sufficient, the tensile strength is large, and the tower spacing can be increased. Therefore, it is widely used in various voltage levels of overhead transmission and distribution lines.
The advantage of ACSR is that its composition is very simple, but it has very powerful functions. It can be used for high voltage rack to ensure the normal operation of voltage output. Some places have special geographical conditions. For example, in long rivers and high mountains, the strand can maintain a long span without breaking. The appearance of stranded wire reduces the difficulty of installation of high-voltage power frame. If there is a strong wind, you don’t have to worry about being pulled. Steel cored aluminum strand can be used for a longer time in harsh environment to ensure that it does not need maintenance and replacement for a long time.

Overhead AAAC Conductors 10 AWG 40 AWG

ABC overhead cable

ABC cable is an overhead cable, which is usually used for overhead power distribution to replace the traditional overhead power distribution system with bare conductor. ABC cable is also a low-voltage cable, which can provide a higher level of safety and reliability, lower power loss and ultimately achieve system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operation costs.
The group overhead line technology is mature and has obvious long-term economic benefits. Especially in the power grid transformation of big cities, its application effect will be more obvious due to the small space; In the current rural power grid transformation, the use of cluster cable will bring a series of benefits, such as reducing cost, convenient installation and maintenance, anti stealing electricity and so on.

Triplex 4 AWG 40 AWG Aluminum Wires

AAAC / all aluminum alloy conductor

All aluminum alloy conductor (AAAC), also known as aluminum magnesium silicon alloy overhead conductor, 110kV aluminum alloy stranded wire. Since it was put into operation in 2008, the product quality has been relatively stable, the production efficiency is high, and the share in the international market is high.
AAAC has high strength and good sag characteristics. AAAC is 21% ~ 26% lighter than ACSR, and the deformation tension is 21% ~ 23% lower. The tensile strength of AAAC is 1.7 ~ 1.8 times that of ordinary conductor. The ratio of total breaking force per unit length to weight of coreless high-strength all aluminum alloy strand exceeds 10km, which is higher than that of the previous reinforced steel core wire (about 9km). Therefore, it can effectively reduce the tower height, or increase the erection spacing and reduce the project investment.
AAAC has greater mechanical resistance than AAC, which allows it to be used as a bare overhead conductor on overhead circuits of power transmission and distribution lines.
Compared with AAC, AAC has better sag characteristics and strength weight ratio.
AAAC also has lower weight per unit and resistance, which makes it better than ACSR. In addition, AAAC conductor has better corrosion protection than aSCR conductor.

triplex lv service drop cable

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