1. Reliable safety performance. The Alloy power cable has been strictly certified by UL in foreign countries and has been used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries for 40 years without any problems. Based on the introduction of advanced technology from the United States, the alloy cable is independently developed and has a number of patents. It has been inspected and tested by many domestic authoritative institutions, with reliable safety.

2. Good conductivity. Alloy power cable is a new type of alloy cable, which is treated by special process by adding rare earth, copper, iron, silicon and other elements unique to China. Its conductivity is 62% of that of copper. After special process treatment, the cross section of alloy conductor is increased by 1.28-1.5 times, so that the electrical properties of cable such as current carrying capacity and voltage drop are equivalent to that of copper cable, so as to achieve the purpose of “replacing copper with new alloy material”.

Alloy power cables are replacing traditional cable

3. Excellent corrosion resistance. When the alloy conductor contacts with the air, a dense oxide layer is formed immediately, which is especially resistant to various forms of corrosion, so it has the characteristics of withstanding the worst environment. In addition, the optimization of the internal material structure of the alloy conductor and the application of silane crosslinked polyethylene insulation material make the service life of alloy cable longer than that of copper cable by more than 10 years.

4. Superior mechanical properties. The rebound performance of the alloy cable is 40% smaller than that of the copper cable, and the flexibility is 25% higher; it has good bending performance, the laying radius is far less than the requirements of the copper cable, so it is easier to lay and connect the terminals; the special formula and heat treatment process greatly reduce the creep of the conductor under heat and pressure, making the electrical connection of the alloy cable as stable as that of the copper cable.

5. Economical performance of saving. Under the premise of achieving the same electrical performance, the direct procurement cost of Sino US wheal alloy cable is 20% – 30% lower than that of copper cable; since the weight of Alloy power cable is only half of that of copper cable and has good mechanical properties, the use of alloy cable can reduce the transportation and installation costs, save more than 20% of installation and construction costs in general buildings, and save more than 40% in large-span buildings. The use of American and American Huier alloy cable will have an immeasurable impact on the construction of a conservation oriented society.

4 Core Aluminum/Copper Concentric Cable

Aluminum/Copper Concentric Cable 4 core
Voltage: 6000/1000V
Conductor: Aluminum 8000 Series/ Copper
Insulation: XLPE
Sheath: PVC/XLPE
Origin Place: China

0.6/1kV Concentric Cable Two Cores

0.6/1kV Concentric Cable Two Cores
Voltage: 6000/1000 V
Conductor: Aluminum /Copper 8000 series
Insulation: XLPE
Sheath: PVC/XLPE
Origin Place: China

Insulated cable

Insulated Wires and Cable
Voltage: low voltage –high voltage
Conductor: Aluminum /Copper
Insulation: XLPE/PVC
Origin Place: China

AWA Cable (Aluminium Wire Armour Cable)

Aluminium Wire Armour Application: Underground
Conductor: Aluminum core or Copper Core
Insulation Material: XLPE

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cables testing

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