1. External force damage
According to the operation analysis in recent years, especially in places with rapid economic development, a considerable number of cable faults are caused by mechanical damage.

2. Insulation damp
This situation is also very common. It usually occurs at the cable joint in the directly buried or row pipe. For example, unqualified cable joints and joints made in humid weather conditions will make the joints water or mixed with water vapor. Over time, water branches will be formed under the action of electric field, which will gradually damage the insulation strength of the cable and cause failure.
3. Chemical corrosion
If the cable is directly buried in the area with acid-base effect, it will often cause the armor, lead skin or outer protective layer of the cable to be corroded. The protective layer will be subject to chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, resulting in the failure of the protective layer, reduced insulation and cable failure.

4. Long term overload operation
Due to the thermal effect of current, when the load current passes through the cable, it will inevitably lead to conductor heating. At the same time, the skin effect of charge, eddy current loss of steel armor and insulation medium loss will also produce additional heat, so as to increase the cable temperature.

5. Cable joint failure
The cable joint is the weakest link in the cable line. The cable joint failure caused by the direct fault of personnel (poor construction) often occurs. In the process of making cable joints, if there are reasons such as loose crimping and insufficient heating of the joints, the insulation of the cable head will be reduced, resulting in accidents.

6. Environment and temperature
The external environment and heat source of the cable will also cause excessive cable temperature, insulation breakdown, and even explosion and fire.

In case of the above situation, the wires must be replaced in time. It is best to summarize the experience according to the causes of insulation aging in the past and select suitable wires. Considering the increasing occurrence of wire short circuit and fire recently, flame retardant cables are a good choice. In order to improve the safety of flame retardant cables, Shanghai Pudong cable also produces wdz-byj low smoke halogen-free cables with flame retardant function, Not only will there be no toxic smoke when burning, but also the flame can be extinguished within a certain period of time to avoid the spread of the fire and bring safer protection to the majority of consumers.

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