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Bare copper conductor is a new composite material made of high quality low carbon steel. It is widely used as grounding conductor in power, communication, petrochemical and other industries.

Bare copper conductor wiki & classification

The products have not only the strength and toughness of steel, but also the conductivity, weldability and corrosion resistance of copper. Especially in the case of large surge current, the skin effect increases with the increase of current intensity, so the conductivity of copper coated steel wire can be compared with that of copper wire with the same cross-section. It has the advantages of light weight, saving copper and low cost. It is the substitute of traditional copper wire.

  1. To see the appearance of Bare copper conductor, purchase Bare copper conductor from the appearance. In general, good Bare copper conductor has bright appearance, obvious damage and scratch, and no obvious discoloration in oxidation reaction. The appearance color is uniform, with black spots, cracks and regular distance. Meeting the above criteria is a good choice.
  2. Observe the size and specification of the conductor, and see the selection of the specification and model of the Bare copper conductor. Generally, the wire drawing of Bare copper conductor shall be within the specified range and shall not exceed the process standard, otherwise it shall be regarded as invalid stranded wire. The single wire of composite steel strand must conform to the characteristics of uniform and neat, and conform to the process specification.
  3. It depends on the choice and purchase of copper strand structure. We need to observe the distribution and composition of the strand to see if there are short-term missing, loose and heavy stocks. In general, these phenomena can be observed with the naked eye. We should carefully observe and check the quality of Bare copper conductor. We can’t choose unqualified products to produce wires and power cables, otherwise it will cause serious safety accidents. Finally: to see the welding process of Bare copper conductor, we should pay attention to whether the welding process is reliable, whether the welding interface is neat and whether there are irregular lines. The welding interface shall be kept neat, flat and round without binding. The diameter of welding head is generally less than 0.2mm. The welding of two adjacent copper strands shall be kept at a certain distance.

Bare copper conductor is a kind of wire made of copper, hard Bare copper conductor (TJ) is also called grounding Bare copper conductor and bare Bare copper conductor. The raw material is high purity oxygen free copper rod, which ensures good stability and continuous performance of copper wire.


Bare copper conductor

Specification, model and common sectional area of Bare copper conductor:

Tj-20tj-hard Bare copper conductor 20-sectional area 20mm2

Tjr-15 / 35tjr – flexible Bare copper conductor 15 – represents single wire diameter 0.15mm 35 – represents sectional area 35mm2

Tjrx-15 / 35tjrx – tinned soft Bare copper conductor 15 – represents single wire diameter 0.15mm 35 – represents sectional area 35mm2.

  1. Material: high purity non itching copper wire, tinned copper wire
  2. Product structure: 7 strands, 12 strands, 19 strands, 37 strands, 61 strands, with a large cross-sectional area of 400mm2
  3. Stranding: the Bare copper conductor shall be twisted according to the process rules, and joints are allowed during stranding. However, the distance between any two joints shall not be less than 15m and cold pressure welding shall be adopted. The welding interface shall be maintained in order, leveled, rounded and not tied. The diameter of welding joint shall not exceed 0.2mm. The welding distance of two adjacent Bare copper conductors shall be kept at a certain distance, and the spacing shall be uniform Pre twist should be carried out when closing to ensure that the wire does not scatter or spring apart when cutting.

There are various types of copper and tin plated stranded wire. Even so, the differences between them are very obvious, mainly reflected in the performance and use. For example, hard Bare copper conductor is a kind of Bare copper conductor product made of high-purity oxygen free copper rod. It not only has good stability, but also has excellent continuity. It has become an ideal choice for electrical, lightning protection connection, substation transmission bus, signal transmitting antenna, etc. Due to the high copper content in the soft Bare copper conductor, its material is relatively soft, and has the advantages of small resistivity, small impedance, good positive body, uniform current distribution, good bending resistance and so on. The Bare copper conductor products here are mainly used in electrical equipment, soft connection, water-cooled cable and soft copper conductor for industrial electric furnace.

PVC Bare copper conductor

The obvious difference between tinned soft Bare copper conductor and common soft Bare copper conductor is that the former adopts electrolytic tin plating process, which makes the Bare copper conductor have uniform appearance, beautiful luster, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and solderability. And whether it is sealing, conductivity, tinned Bare copper conductor can meet the relevant standards.

Copper bar is a kind of Bare copper conductor product processed from high-quality and high-purity copper. Its cross-section is usually rectangular or rounded rectangle. The purpose of use is to transport current and connect electrical equipment. For the copper bar, the current carrying capacity is one of the very important parameters, so we should choose the appropriate copper bar according to the current size. The same is true of tinned copper bar. Due to its better conductivity than aluminum, this kind of Bare copper conductor product has been widely used in electrical equipment, especially in complete sets of power distribution equipment, and has become an indispensable conductor material for manufacturing motor windings, high and low voltage electrical appliances.

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