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Aluminum Wire
Voltage: low voltage –high voltage
Aluminum: 99.9%
Type: Solid
Origin Place: China

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Bare Aluminum Wire
Aluminum wire usage: Ships, engine, chemistry, food, sports equipment, mound furniture’s, vessel, container etc.
Tensile strength is more than 170mpa
Aluminum purity ratio: 99.8%

Aluminum Alloy Wire with following main components:
Si: 0.4-0.7, Fe: 0.4, Cu: 0.1, Mn: 0.5-1.0, Mg: 4.3-5.2 Cr: 0.05-0.25 Zn: 0.25 Ti: 0.15, others: 0.15, Al: Bla.
Melting point: 574’C-639’C
Density: 2.68g/CM3
Color: White

aluminum wire form

The Chemical pressure vessel, the shipbuilding, the voyage, the nucleus industry, the colding industry and other professions.
Functions: Containing 3 precent Magnesium, and fit in with welding and surfacing parity aluminum alloy materials.
These electric aluminum rods are used to make round wire, shaped wire and other conductor for electric purpose.

These products are made according to GB/T39542001;ASTM B233:1997,Aluminum rod for electric purpose.

Main technical parameters
1.Diameter deviation and non-round degree on aluminum rod or electrical purpose
Diameter Deviation Non-round degree less than
9.012.0 ±0.5 0.9
12.520.0 ±0.7 1.2
Notes: non-round degree is the difference between the biggest and the smallest diameters obtained from the same section where the rod is vertical to axis.


  1. Bare Solid Aluminum Wire
    Bare solid aluminum wire is divided into round aluminum wire and flat aluminum wire. It has the advantages of smooth surface, no burrs, uniform tensile strength and low resistivity. It is widely used in motors, transformers, welding machines and other similar electrical equipment.
  2. Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
    Copper clad aluminum wire is an aluminum core wire with a certain percentage of copper layer coated on the outside, which can be used as cable conductors and wires in electrical equipment. The aluminum wire has a small specific gravity, but its welding performance is not good, so the aluminum wire is covered with a copper layer. This copper-clad aluminum wire has both the advantages of small aluminum specific gravity and good welding performance. Applicable to electric power and electric appliance industries.
  3. Enamelled flat aluminum wire
    The enamelled aluminum wire is a wire drawn or extruded from a round aluminum rod through a mold of a certain specification. The electrostatic insulation technology is used to adsorb the polymer insulating powder on the wire to form a uniform insulating layer. After baking, the polymer The insulation layer is connected to the wire as a whole.
  4. Paper-covered flat aluminum wire
    Paper-covered flat aluminum wire is a winding wire formed by extruding a round aluminum rod through a mold of a certain specification and then wrapped by insulating paper. It is mainly used for winding of transformers, welding machines, electromagnets or other similar electrical equipment products.

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