URD 1100 MCM Aluminum Cable

  • URD 1100 MCM Aluminum Cable
  • URD MCM Aluminum Cable
  • 1100 MCM Aluminum Cable
  • 1100 MCM Aluminum Cables

URD 1100 MCM Aluminum Cable
Voltage: Low Voltage/High Voltage
Conductor: Aluminum 1350/ Aluminum 6201
Insulation : without
Origin Place: China

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URD 1100 MCM Aluminum Cable

MCM Aluminum Cable

Aluminium Cable Alloy Reinforced (ACAR) is formed by concentrically stranded wires of Aluminium 1350 on high strength Aluminium -Magnesium -Silicon(AlMgSi) alloy core. The number of wires of Aluminum1350 & AlMgSi alloy depends on the cable design. Though the general design comprises a stranded core of AlMgSi alloy strand, in certain cable constructions , the wires of AlMgSi alloy strands can be distributed in layers throughout the Aluminium 1350 strands.

URD 1100 MCM Aluminum Cable form

ACAR cable has got a better mechanical and electrical properties as compared to an equivalent ACSR, AAC or AAAC. A very good balance between the mechanical and electrical properties therefore makes ACAR the best choice where the ampacity, strength and light weight are the main consideration of the line design. These conductors are extensively used in overhead transmission and distribution lines.

Popular size of ACAR cable:
950 MCM/ 1000 MCM/1100 MCM /1200 MCM /1250 MCM /1300 MCM/1400 MCM and etc.

1. Improved Strength To Weight Ratio
2. Better Mechanical Properties
3. Improved Electrical Characteristics
4. Excellent Resistance To Corrosion

ACAR manufactured by Midal meets or exceeds the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, AS, BS, CSA, DIN, IEC, NFC, SS -etc

Our customers have covered more than 50 countries. Export regions include Europe, North America, North Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

We certificate by ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015,OHSAS 18001 ,CCC Certificate ,UL certificate and so on.

We provide seaworthy cable packing, wooden drum/wooden-steel drum/ steel drum and etc, cable length can be designed according to customer needs.

We have a complete quality control system, advanced laboratory equipment, to ensure that every batch of goods sent to customers meets the quality requirements. Meanwhile, we accept testing requirements from customers and third-party testing agencies.

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We believe that an excellent professional team is the best guarantee for quality service !

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