The main difference between the two aluminum conductors is the material. AAAC for aluminum alloy strand and ACSR for steel cored aluminum strand. From the outside, the difference is not great.

477 MCM ACSR Cablelow voltage ABC cable 600V

ACSR cable: steel core aluminum stranded wire

Steel cored aluminum strand is made of aluminum wire and steel wire, which is suitable for overhead transmission lines. ACSR conductor is most commonly used in overhead transmission system, while AACSR and ultra-high strength ACSR conductor are used for river crossing, and the installation involves ultra long span.

Functions and advantages:

Steel cored aluminum strand has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity, convenient laying across rivers and valleys and other special geographical conditions, good electrical conductivity, sufficient mechanical strength, large tensile strength, enlarged tower distance, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in overhead transmission and distribution lines of various voltage levels. This bare concentric stranded wire is made of circular aluminum 1350-h19 (superhard) wire and circular galvanized or aluminized steel core wire, which is used as overhead electrical conductor. It provides better strength than AAC cable. AAAC is often designated where greater mechanical resistance and reduced sag characteristics are required. ACSR with reinforcement provides additional strength and longer spans, such as crossing rivers.

477 MCM ACSR Cables

AAAC cable: all aluminum alloy stranded wire

Definition: all strands are aluminum alloy strands. This bare concentric stranded conductor is made of circular aluminum alloy 6201-t81 wire, in which the core is surrounded by one or more layers of spirally laid wires.

Functions and advantages:

AAAC (all aluminum alloy conductor) means that it has higher strength but lower conductivity than pure aluminum. Alloy conductors are lighter and can sometimes be used to replace the more traditional ACSR; It has a lower breaking load than the latter, and their use becomes particularly advantageous when the ice and winning load are low. It provides better corrosion resistance than aluminum conductor steel reinforcement (ACSR).

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