Nowadays, “green and environment-friendly building” has become the mainstream trend of global architecture, and as the “main artery” of architecture, electric wires and cables are directly related to the safety and life of architecture.
Henan Huaxing wire and cable Co., Ltd. has always taken the r&d and service of high-end products of green building power supply and distribution system as an important development direction, and has been deeply cultivating green building, clean energy, smart grid and other fields, constantly leading the development of smart cable industry.
First, independent research and development to break the monopoly of technology
With the increasing maturity of the safety technology system of modern building structures, super high-rise buildings are springing up and growing in cities. The series of cables for hanging and laying in super high rise buildings independently developed by Huaxing are specially designed for super high rise buildings to break the monopoly of foreign technology.
This series of products are suitable for the main power supply system and fire emergency power supply system of the super high-rise buildings, which are supplied to the sub-substation of the floor in different areas. The unique cable structure and hanging laying method are adopted to help the super high-rise buildings to realize the power supply and distribution system that is more safe, environmental friendly, intelligent and economical.

The series of cable products independently developed by Huaxing cable for hanging laying in super high-rise buildings adopt safe and environmental protection, advanced performance, durable and reliable, low energy consumption raw materials for production, with longer service life, more energy saving and environmental protection. The flame retardant hanging cable can meet the requirements of low-smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant Class A and the combustion performance level B1 specified in GB31247-2014 standard. It has excellent safety and environmental protection characteristics such as low heat release, low smoke production and low toxicity. The fire-resistant type hanging cable has excellent fire-resistant performance. The cable is under the test voltage U0, and the self-carrying unit bears no less than the rated tension stated by the manufacturer, the fire temperature is no less than 830℃, the fire supply time is 120min, the cooling time is 15min, the voltage is not broken, and the line integrity is guaranteed. At present, this series of products has reached the international leading level after expert appraisal.

Compared with the traditional steel wire armored cable, this product can increase the load flow by 10-30%, reduce the cable weight by 20-30%, the whole cable has no intermediate joint, the conductivity and safety are greatly enhanced, the cable hanging section adopts self-carrying unit, the single bearing unit can meet the overall dead weight of the cable twice, the long-term safe operation coefficient is not less than 4.

When laying and installing, the cable can be hung in the shaft without bridge frame, which can save the bridge frame and installation cost. It is equipped with special spanners, which are compact in structure, small in space, safe and reliable in load bearing. The hanging cable has formed a complete set of installation and laying specifications, filling the gap of standards in the industry and the field, which has important guiding significance for the construction and development of super high-rise buildings in the future.
Second. Leading technology leads the industry development.

For many years, Huaxing cable has been deeply engaged in the design, development, production, sales and service of intelligent cable products in the field of architecture. It not only USES the ultimate products and services to promote the intelligent development of super-high-rise buildings, but also leads the significant reform of super-high-rise power supply mode through innovation. It also actively participates in the compilation of group standards in the field of green building.

At the same time, Huaxing cable regularly organizes “Technical exchange meeting on application of cable products in the field of Green building”, and invites experts and technical leaders in related fields to jointly discuss product research and development and industry development trend in the field of intelligent building, so as to promote the common development of the industry upstream and downstream.
Future, huaxing cable will further exert industrial advantages, always will be the green building power supply and distribution system research and development of high-end products and services as an important development direction, relying on strong technical research and development and manufacturing strength, combined with market and customer demand, in a more intelligent products and services, promoting energy huaxing wisdom in the wave of the green building development, the wisdom city construction bank of China reach.

Adhering to the vision of jointly building and sharing a safe, green and better life, Huaxing is making unremitting efforts for sustainable development and creating a green home!

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