On October 14, the 16th China Standardization Forum hosted by China Standardization Association and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Henan Huaxing wire and cable Co., LTD., with its innovation in technology and outstanding performance in technology standardization, has won the honor of “standardization Assistance Award”.

Huaxing cable promotes

More than 1000 standardization workers and representatives of multinational corporations from more than 20 provinces (cities), autonomous regions and municipalities in China participated in this forum. , chairman of the China association for standardization JiZheng he attended the opening ceremony and speech, deputy director general of state administration of market supervision and management of the standard technical management hong-jun Chen, Zheng Wenchao, vice head of market supervision bureau in henan province, zhengzhou city vice mayor Chen Zhaochao attended and delivered a speech, vice President and secretary general jian-zhong gao presided over the opening ceremony.

BBS at the opening ceremony, the China association for standardization issued “standardization booster award” in 2019, and the standardized power awards are based on the “management method standardization booster award”, in order to implement the standardization to deepen reform of the State Council as the guide, review committee on the contestant’s 74 companies across the country to form examination, professional examination, the selection of the public, in the end China unionpay co., LTD., shenzhen tencent computer systems co., LTD., such as five enterprise was awarded “standardized booster award” award, and was awarded certificates and MEDALS. Zhou Feng, investor and assistant director of power cable RESEARCH and Development department of Technology Research Institute, accepted the award on behalf of Far East Cable. This award is a recognition of huaxing cable’s outstanding contribution to standard revision and standardization with its technical guidance over the years.

Huaxing cable promotes

Henan huaxing electric wire electric cable co., LTD., has been focus on r&d, innovation ability is very outstanding, not only in product standards implementation technology leapfrogging, precipitation and knowledge on management standards, actively use the principle and method of standardization, establish and improve the technical standards as the main body, including management standards and working standards, the enterprise standard system, and effective operation. Standardized production and operation and so on each link management, products in addition to the Chinese standards (GB, JB) and the international electrotechnical commission (IEC) standard production, according to the British (BS), German (DIN, VDE), the United States (ICEA, UL), France (NF) and Japan (JIS) and other advanced country standards organization production, products are widely used in smart grid, intelligent traffic, green buildings, and other fields, and achieved good economic and social benefits; In order to improve the level of enterprise standardization, give full play to the talent and technology advantages, actively join the domestic and international professional organization of standardization technical committee to carry out standardization activities, to participate in industry, national standard and international standard system revision work, with a standard to promote scientific development of the enterprise, promoted the development of Chinese wire and cable industry, promote the development of industry technology and management level of ascension, the power of the national economic development and social progress.
Huaxing cable adheres to fit the national standard and the development strategy, the implementation of the state of “promoting the development of high quality” strategy, focus on standardization work goal, to constantly improve the people’s living standards and quality effort and contribution, to promote “made in China to created in China, Chinese speed toward the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand”!

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