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1. Mechanical properties The strength and elongation of pure copper conductor are greater than that of copper-clad aluminum conductor, that is, pure copper is better than copper-clad aluminum in mechanical properties. Copper clad aluminum conductor is much lighter than pure copper, so the overall weight of copper clad aluminum cable is lighter than pure copper […]

What is overhead conductor?

September 26, 2021

Conductor is the main body of overhead line and is responsible for transmitting electric energy. Since the conductor is erected on the pole, it should often bear the effects of self weight, wind, rain, ice, snow, erosion of harmful gases and changes in air temperature. Therefore, the conductor is required not only to have good […]

1. External force damage According to the operation analysis in recent years, especially in places with rapid economic development, a considerable number of cable faults are caused by mechanical damage. 2. Insulation damp This situation is also very common. It usually occurs at the cable joint in the directly buried or row pipe. For example, […]

In the announcements of many suppliers of China Netcom, we can often see such a notice from Cable Enterprises: the thickness of insulation layer of power cables produced is unqualified. What is the impact of unqualified thickness of specific insulating layer on the cable? What kind of sheath is qualified? How do we make qualified […]

Shielding layer is a kind of wire with metal braid shell specially used to reduce the influence of external electromagnetic field on power supply or communication line. The shielding wire also has the function of preventing the line from radiating electromagnetic energy to a certain extent. In order to prevent the interference signal from entering […]

Basic theory of cable medium 2.1 introduction whether electric energy or signal is transmitted by wires and cables, the purpose is to use it to transmit current to the power receiving equipment or power receiving end. To achieve this, a conductor is required to transmit the required load current. It is also important to keep […]

AAC Conductor Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor IEC 61089 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor DIN 48201 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor CSA C49 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor BS 215 :1970 / EN 50182 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor ASTM B231M Size Chart & Full […]

Basic structure The basic structure of power cable consists of core (conductor), insulating layer, shielding layer and protective layer. (1) Core The core is the conductive part of power cable, which is used to transmit electric energy and is the main part of power cable. (2) Insulating layer The insulation layer is to separate the […]

1. Reliable safety performance. The Alloy power cable has been strictly certified by UL in foreign countries and has been used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries for 40 years without any problems. Based on the introduction of advanced technology from the United States, the alloy cable is independently developed and has […]

Bare conductor generally refers to conductive material without insulation and sheath. The main 3 types of conductors including AAC conductor, AAAC conductor and ACSR conductor. 1.All Aluminum Conductor (AAC) This bare concentric-lay stranded conductor is constructed with a straight round central wire surrounded by one or more layers of helically layed wires. These wires are […]

1. Electrical conductivity: the conductivity of aluminum alloy is 61.5% of copper IACS, and the current carrying capacity is 79% of copper, which is better than pure aluminum standard. 2. Creep resistance: the alloy material and annealing process of aluminum alloy conductor reduce the “creep” tendency of conductor under heating and pressure. Compared with pure […]

The main models of aluminum alloy cable are ZA-AC90(YJLHV60.YJLHV8), ZB-ACWU90(YJLHV62.YJLHV82), ZC-TC90(YJLHV). ZC-TC90 XLPE insulated PVC sheathed aluminum alloy cable AC90 changes the traditional sheath into interlocking armor. Acwu90 adds a layer of PVC protective sheath on the basis of AC90. The actual structure of tc90 is similar to that of traditional aluminum cable yjlv, and […]

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