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What is overhead conductor?

September 26, 2021

Conductor is the main body of overhead line and is responsible for transmitting electric energy. Since the conductor is erected on the pole, it should often bear the effects of self weight, wind, rain, ice, snow, erosion of harmful gases and changes in air temperature. Therefore, the conductor is required not only to have good […]

Overhead cable is the main part of overhead power line. Its function is to transmit current and power. It is divided into overhead conductor and overhead insulated cable. Overhead conductors include AAC conductors, which are commonly used in distribution lines below 35KV; AAAC conductor, commonly used in distribution lines above 110kV; ACSR conductor is widely […]

With the increasing competition in the wire and cable industry, M & A integration and capital operation among large wire and cable enterprises are becoming more and more frequent. Domestic excellent wire and cable production enterprises pay more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially the in-depth research on the change […]

1、 Scorch 1. Scorch phenomenon (1) The temperature is too high, or the temperature control instrument fails, causing the plastic to burn at an ultra-high temperature. (2) The glue outlet of the machine head has large smoke, strong pungent smell and crackling sound. (3) Granular scorched matter appears on the plastic surface. (4) There are […]

Aluminum core reinforcement is a product twisted by single-layer or multi-layer aluminum wires. In the process of use, its structure is very simple to ensure that its installation time can be greatly reduced, which provides convenience for our life. As for transmission, its transmission capacity is very large. Both the rivers and lakes across the […]

1、 Greedy for low prices. This is a common misunderstanding of many users and even some enterprises in the exercise of wires and cables. In order to save money and ignore safety, some users choose low-quality wires and cables with low price, no guarantee of quality and great potential accidents. We know that due to […]

The term ACSR stands for “steel cored aluminum conductor”. It is a stranded conductor, including many aluminum conductor layers on the simulated steel wire core. The steel wire core here is a single steel wire depending on the size. These can be used for different zinc coatings, such as grade A, B and C, to […]

AAC Conductor Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor IEC 61089 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor DIN 48201 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor CSA C49 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor BS 215 :1970 / EN 50182 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor ASTM B231M Size Chart & Full […]

1. Electrical conductivity: the conductivity of aluminum alloy is 61.5% of copper IACS, and the current carrying capacity is 79% of copper, which is better than pure aluminum standard. 2. Creep resistance: the alloy material and annealing process of aluminum alloy conductor reduce the “creep” tendency of conductor under heating and pressure. Compared with pure […]

The main models of aluminum alloy cable are ZA-AC90(YJLHV60.YJLHV8), ZB-ACWU90(YJLHV62.YJLHV82), ZC-TC90(YJLHV). ZC-TC90 XLPE insulated PVC sheathed aluminum alloy cable AC90 changes the traditional sheath into interlocking armor. Acwu90 adds a layer of PVC protective sheath on the basis of AC90. The actual structure of tc90 is similar to that of traditional aluminum cable yjlv, and […]

1. What should be paid attention to in the process of cable loading and unloading? Answer: In the process of transportation and loading and unloading, the power cables and cable trays shall not be damaged. It is strictly prohibited to push the cable trays directly from the vehicle. Cables should not be transported and stored […]

ACSR conductor AWG size chart This table including ACSR conductor sizes and current carrying capacity,images of AWG AAAC,AAC and ACSR conductor . ACSR conductor (Aluminum conductors steel-reinforced) Standards : IEC/ASTM/BS/NFC/CSA/EN Voltage: low/middle/high voltage Material : Aluminum Alloy 1350/Gi steel core Origin Place : China CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum 1350-H19 wires, concentrically stranded around a steel core. Core […]

1.The selection of cable insulation type shall meet the following requirements: Under the operating voltage, operating current and its characteristics and environmental conditions, the cable insulation characteristics should not be less than the conventional expected service life. The selection should be based on factors such as operational reliability, ease of construction and maintenance, and comprehensive […]

On October 14, the 16th China Standardization Forum hosted by China Standardization Association and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Henan Huaxing wire and cable Co., LTD., with its innovation in technology and outstanding performance in technology standardization, has won the honor of “standardization Assistance Award”. More than […]

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