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1. The selection of cable sheath shall meet the following requirements: (1)For AC system single-core power cables, when it is necessary to enhance the resistance of the cable to external forces, a non-magnetic metal armor layer should be used. Effectively treated steel armor. (2) In a humid, chemically corrosive environment or easily immersed in water, […]

1.The selection of cable insulation type shall meet the following requirements: Under the operating voltage, operating current and its characteristics and environmental conditions, the cable insulation characteristics should not be less than the conventional expected service life. The selection should be based on factors such as operational reliability, ease of construction and maintenance, and comprehensive […]

Nowadays, “green and environment-friendly building” has become the mainstream trend of global architecture, and as the “main artery” of architecture, electric wires and cables are directly related to the safety and life of architecture. Henan Huaxing wire and cable Co., Ltd. has always taken the r&d and service of high-end products of green building power […]

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