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559 AAAC – all aluminum alloy conductor Application: All aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC is a kind of cable, which is mainly used for power distribution services and overhead transmission, including primary and secondary. The cable can also be used for grounding in electrical structures. Due to the use of durable aluminum alloy, the conductor […]

Product name Overhead AAAC conductor Applicable occasions In the overhead insulated cable line, it can be used for fixed laying or household line performance 1. Light weight; 2. Large breaking force and high safety factor: 3. Large span: the cable has light weight and large breaking force, which can reduce cable sag. The span is […]

The stranding methods include concentric stranding, compression stranding, profile stranding, bundle stranding, bundle wire re stranding, fan-shaped conductor, separation conductor, ring conductor, stranded conductor in the same direction, etc. The purpose of conductor stranding is to facilitate laying, forming and connection, and consider the influence of proximity effect and skin effect on AC resistance. We […]

XLPE insulated cable XLPE insulated cable is a kind of cable suitable for distribution network and other fields, which has incomparable advantages over PVC insulated cable. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, good heat resistance, strong load capacity, no melting, chemical corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. Properties of XLPE […]

What is overhead conductor?

September 26, 2021

Conductor is the main body of overhead line and is responsible for transmitting electric energy. Since the conductor is erected on the pole, it should often bear the effects of self weight, wind, rain, ice, snow, erosion of harmful gases and changes in air temperature. Therefore, the conductor is required not only to have good […]

In the announcements of many suppliers of China Netcom, we can often see such a notice from Cable Enterprises: the thickness of insulation layer of power cables produced is unqualified. What is the impact of unqualified thickness of specific insulating layer on the cable? What kind of sheath is qualified? How do we make qualified […]

AAC (all aluminum conductor) is also called aluminum strand ACSR: aluminum conductor steel reinforced ABC: overhead bundle cable (with insulation, bundle several together) AAAC: all aluminum alloy conductor AAC / all aluminum conductor These conductors are suitable for spans of wooden poles, transmission towers and other structures that do not require tensile strength and rated […]

Aluminum core reinforcement is a product twisted by single-layer or multi-layer aluminum wires. In the process of use, its structure is very simple to ensure that its installation time can be greatly reduced, which provides convenience for our life. As for transmission, its transmission capacity is very large. Both the rivers and lakes across the […]

1、 Greedy for low prices. This is a common misunderstanding of many users and even some enterprises in the exercise of wires and cables. In order to save money and ignore safety, some users choose low-quality wires and cables with low price, no guarantee of quality and great potential accidents. We know that due to […]

AAAC Conductor BS 3242 Size Chart & Full Form AAAC Conductor DIN 48201 Size Chart & Full Form AAAC Conductor BS EN50182 Size Chart & Full Form AAAC Conductor ASTM B399 Size Chart & Full Form AAAC Conductor NFC 34125 Size Chart & Full Form AAAC conductor is bare concentric-lay-stranded conductor made from round aluminum alloy 6201 -T81 […]

AAC Conductor Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor IEC 61089 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor DIN 48201 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor CSA C49 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor BS 215 :1970 / EN 50182 Size Chart & Full Form AAC Conductor ASTM B231M Size Chart & Full […]

ACSR Conductor ASTM B239 Size Chart & Full Form ACSR Conductor CSA C49-1965 Size Chart & Full Form ACSR Conductor IEC 61089 – 1997 Size Chart & Full Form ACSR Conductor EN 50182 BS 215 : 1970 Size Chart & Full Form ACSR Conductor DIN 48 Size Chart & Full Form ACSR Conductor SS 424 […]

The Basic Structure of Power Cables The conductor is extruded and covered with an insulating layer, such as an overhead insulated cable, or several-core stranded (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground wires of the power system), such as an overhead insulated cable with more than two cores, or an additional sheath, such as plastic/ […]

Three common Covered Conductors

September 11, 2020

What covered conductor? Covered conductors consist of a conductor surrounded by a covering made of insulating material as protection against accidental contacts with other covered conductors and with grounded parts such as tree branches, etc Three common covered conductors 1.PVC Insualtion Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is cheap, has good physical and mechanical properties, simple extrusion […]

Bare conductor generally refers to conductive material without insulation and sheath. The main 3 types of conductors including AAC conductor, AAAC conductor and ACSR conductor. 1.All Aluminum Conductor (AAC) This bare concentric-lay stranded conductor is constructed with a straight round central wire surrounded by one or more layers of helically layed wires. These wires are […]

Bare copper conductor wiki Bare copper conductor is a new composite material made of high quality low carbon steel. It is widely used as grounding conductor in power, communication, petrochemical and other industries. The products have not only the strength and toughness of steel, but also the conductivity, weldability and corrosion resistance of copper. Especially […]

Bare conductor wiki & how to use for? Fine copper, aluminum, steel, and other metal materials are processed into wire, strip, and flat conductor. There are round wire, profile wire, and soft wiring. Round wires include round copper wire, round aluminum wire, tinned round copper wire, non-magnetic round copper wire, aluminum alloy conductor, copper-clad steel […]

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