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In the stringing construction of 66kV and above transmission lines, it is often encountered that some conductors are worn due to various reasons in the construction, which need to be handled, which is inconvenient for the construction. According to the previous construction experience of transmission line stringing, the following research and methods of conductor abrasion […]

The operation quality, safety and reliability of power supply system are not only related to the quality of wires and cables, but also to the construction quality of cable accessories and lines. 1. Cable laying method The cable laying methods are as follows: directly buried laying, pipe laying, shallow trench laying, cable trench laying, cable […]

1.3 Type test The type test is mainly to determine whether the design of the cable product is Whether it meets the expected use requirements. Generally, it is a one-time test, and it is mostly destructive, including electrical performance, physical performance of the mechanism and various specific requirements. The test to verify whether the product […]

1. The selection of cable sheath shall meet the following requirements: (1)For AC system single-core power cables, when it is necessary to enhance the resistance of the cable to external forces, a non-magnetic metal armor layer should be used. Effectively treated steel armor. (2) In a humid, chemically corrosive environment or easily immersed in water, […]

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