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1. Mechanical properties The strength and elongation of pure copper conductor are greater than that of copper-clad aluminum conductor, that is, pure copper is better than copper-clad aluminum in mechanical properties. Copper clad aluminum conductor is much lighter than pure copper, so the overall weight of copper clad aluminum cable is lighter than pure copper […]

Extruded insulating materials are polymer insulating materials, and their physical and chemical properties are determined by their chemical structure, chemical natural force and size. electrical properties of extruded insulating materials shall be graded according to their response under operating field strength. Under low operating field strength, the electrical properties of polymer materials used as cable […]

We all know that wires and cables are distributed differently according to the structure of electrical conductors. Cables are divided into 1-core, 2-core, 3-core, etc. Single core cable: there is only one electrical conductor in an insulating sleeve. A wide range of main uses are home lighting equipment, power plug, central air conditioning, etc. all […]

The so-called “partial discharge” refers to a kind of discharge in which only some areas in the insulation system discharge without forming a penetrating discharge channel under the action of an electric field. The main reason for partial discharge is that when the dielectric is uneven, the electric field strength borne by each area of […]

1. Reliable safety performance. The Alloy power cable has been strictly certified by UL in foreign countries and has been used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries for 40 years without any problems. Based on the introduction of advanced technology from the United States, the alloy cable is independently developed and has […]

When the neutral point of the power supply of 1kV and below is directly grounded, the number of cable cores of the three-phase loop should meet the following requirements: 1.When the protective wire is connected to the exposed conductive part of the powered equipment and grounded, the following requirements shall be met: When the protection […]

Wire electric energy, information, and wire products that realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy; in order to facilitate selection and improve applicability, my country’s wire and electricity can be divided into the following five categories according to their uses: 1) Bare wires: refer to products with only conductors and no insulation layer, including copper, aluminum […]

When choosing the cable, choose the cable according to the use of the site, don’t covet cheap. Think that the cable price is cheap and can ensure that it is the national standard, nine out of ten are playing edge ball. Cheat the users who are not professional and don’t understand the industry. The quality […]

In the actual parallel operation of cables, single core cables are more in parallel. Due to the influence of laying mode, the actual carrying capacity of single core cables may not meet the needs of actual loads, and overload may occur in actual use. In fact, when six cables are laid in the air in […]

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